Lego Duplo

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Edisen /  AGENCY: Internal ⌗ CREDITS Coming soon.

LL Flooring

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Stept Studios /  AGENCY: Barkley ⌗ CREDITS Executive Producer: Alexis Celic  /  Managing Director: David Brickel  /  Agency Producer: Charlie Stillman  / Creative Director: Bryce Richardson  /  Agency Copywriter: Kyle Anthony  /  Agency Art Director: Deidre Lichty  /  SVP: Julie Barr   Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer: Rob Plaxon,  Ben Narich  / Director of Photography: Rob Scarborough […]


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Avocados and Coconuts / AGENCY: Internal ⌗ CREDITS Freshly Producer: ​​Shidume Lozada  /  Freshly Creatives: Kate Keparutis, Jack Ball-Smith, Ryan Fetters, Christian Villodas  /  Brand Manager: Kelli Yapp  /  Executive Producer: Dalia Burde  / A&C Creative Director: Amani King    Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer:  Cory Desrosiers  /  1st AD: Steven Valle  /  Production Coordinators: Gabby Occhipinti, Sloan […]

Helium 5G

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Near Future / AGENCY: None ⌗ CREDITS Executive Producers: Jason Jurgens, James Locke  / Creative Producer: Erin Stevens  /  Copywriter: Schuyler Pappass, Adam Patch  / Clients: Emily Murray, Timothy Hess Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer: Ross Kelly  /  Head of Production: Adam Young  /  1st AD: Mo O’Neil  /  2nd AD: Howie Jones  /  DP:  August Thurmer  […]


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Heist / AGENCY: Internal ⌗ CREDITS Executive Producer: Alex Yenni  /  Creative Director: Jordan DeBree  /  Wish Director of Creative: Martin Rossetti  /  Wish VP, Head of Comm: Glenn Lehrman  /  Wish Senior Video Producer: Truckee Lynch Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer: Maya Owings  /  Production Manager: Ayesha Janmohamed  /  Producer Assistant: Steve Chrabaszcz  /  1st AD:  […]

Perimeter 81

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Gold Front / AGENCY: Gold Front ⌗ CREDITS Executive Producer, ECD: Josh Lowman  /  Creative Director: Weldon Pless  /  Copywriter: Patrick Haadsma   Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer:Gillian Mahar  /  Production Manager: Kasee Shambora  /  1st AD: Matt Mehl  /  DP: Doug Porter  /  1st AC:  Grant Friessen  /  2nd AC: Adam Roenker  /  Key Grip: Michael Roseman  […]

The Athletic

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Near Future / AGENCY: None ⌗ CREDITS Executive Producer: James Locke, Jason Jurgens  /  Creative: James Locke, Jason Jurgens, Adam Patch Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer: Chris Miller  /  Production Manager: Adam Young  /  1st AD: Jeremy Stewart  /  DP: Devin Whetstone  /  1st AC: Jonathan Park  /  2nd AC: Brandon Smith  /  Gaffer: Chris Galdes  /  […]


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Yonder / AGENCY: Internal ⌗ CREDITS Managing Director: Adam Bagger  /  Executive Producer: Mike Repasch  / Senior Producer: Matt Drumm  /   Brand Officer: Ryan Keeton  /  Director of Brand Management: Mike Slatkin  /  Manager of Brand Marketing: Jessica Ferri  /  Carvana CCO: Paul; Keister  /  Carvana ACD: Evan Boswell  /  Carvana CD: Nick Ollish  /  CW: […]


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Yonder / AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo New York ⌗ CREDITS Managing Director: Adam Bagger  /  Executive Producer:  Mike Repasch  /  VP, Brand Marketing: Jason De Turris  /  Director of Storytelling: Gabe London  /  Marketing Project Manager:  Colette Krey  /  Creative Directors: Jeph Burton, Hunter Hampton  /  Senior Art Director: Rachel Ngun  /  Copywriter:  Celia Mortlock  /  Jr. Copywriter: […]


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Farmuse / AGENCY: Gold Front ⌗ CREDITS Executive Producer, ECD: Josh Lowman  /  RH Creative Director:  Robert Thompson  /  RH Senior Copywriter: Travis Nichols  /  RH Producer:  Francis Miles  /  GF Creative Director, Copywriter: Patrick Haadsma / Account Lead: Alex Romero, Ross Cabell R1, San Francisco: Director: Adam Patch  /  EP: Michelle Nichoilson  / Production […]

I know it’s confusing, but my name is Adam Patch and I’m a director, not a doctor. You’re thinking of Patch Adams. I direct ads and films and have yet to perform so much as a minimally invasive surgery…

It was in Tucson, AZ that I took a video class at my High School and immediately knew my calling. That same year my hair started to gray. I like to think it was a coincidence.  After film school in SF, I paid the bills as a motion graphics artist and editor —  freelancing for some of the top agencies in the Bay Area. It was there that I got a taste of advertising and stepped out of the edit suite and into the director’s chair. My technical background helped me quickly build a portfolio of work that people have described as being witty, design-driven, and multifaceted. My mom describes it as “fun”.  Now, with more than 15 years of experience, I have a full-head of gray hair under my beanie and hundreds of commercials under my belt. 

If you need something directed, I would love to hear from you.  If you need a doctor, please hang up and dial 9-1-1.