Carvana // Live Feelessly



Managing Director: Adam Bagger  /  Executive Producer: Mike Repasch  / Senior Producer: Matt Drumm  /   Brand Officer: Ryan Keeton  /  Director of Brand Management: Mike Slatkin  /  Manager of Brand Marketing: Jessica Ferri  /  Carvana CCO: Paul; Keister  /  Carvana ACD: Evan Boswell  /  Carvana CD: Nick Ollish  /  CW: Sam Lowy  /  AD: Ryan Dowling  /  Carvana Agency Producer: Matthew Conrad  

Director: Adam Patch  /  Producer: Matt Drumm  /  Production Supervisor:  Corey Choate  /  Asst. Production Supervisor: Chris Valdez  /  1st AD: Billy Alarcon  /  2nd AD:  Mikey Parziale  /  DP: Shawn Kim  /  1st AC: Lila Byall  /  2nd AC:  Kira Hernandez  /  Gaffer: Blue Thompson  /  BB Electric:  William Reid  /  Electric: Dwayne Redlin, Benny Buck  /  Key Grip:  Colby Dunford  /  BB Grip:  Otto Betencourt  /  Grips: Curtis Brown, Joseph Messier, Shun Goldin  /  Production Designer:  Kurt Gefke  /  Art Dept. Coordinator:  Ryan Capiro  /  Set Decorator: Caitlin Walsh  /  Prop Master: Jared Scardina  /  Leadman:  Jeremy Villalobos  /  Set Dressers:  Jade Altman, Daniel Padilla, Seth Wilder  /  Wardrobe Stylist:  Vicky Deger  /  Asst. Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Clifford  /  HMU: Courtney Housner  /  Asst. HMU: Crystal Lozada  /  VTR:  Scott LeCuyer  /  Script Supervisor:  Connie Ward  /  PAs:  Jason Park, Michael Dunker, Abe Sanez, Dylan Dovaston, Shan Wu, Joy Osinloye, Mike Urbaitel  /  Medic:  Matthew Daughters  /  Covid Officer: Matthew Cheaton  /  Talent:  Arika Navy, David Dalton, Sandra Santiago, Jeanene Beauregard, Ima Diji, Steve Ellis

EDITORIAL P.S.260  /  Editor: JJ Lask  / AE: Ashley Ingbretson  /  EP: Megan Dahlman  /  Managing Partner: Zarina Mak  /  FINISHING P.S.260  /  Lead Flame: Margaret Yang  /  Flame: Steve Koenig, Carmen Maxcy, Dino Tsaousis  /  Flame Assistant: Anthony Augusta  /  GFX: Patrick Lavin  /  Flame Producer: Natalie Raffaele  /  COLOR: Apache  /  Colorist: Arianna Shining Star  /  Producer: Stefanie Shaldenbrand  /  MIX Lime Studios  /  Mixer: Joel Waters  /  Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan 

I know it’s confusing, but my name is Adam Patch and I’m a director, not a doctor. You’re thinking of Patch Adams. I direct ads and films and have yet to perform so much as a minimally invasive surgery…

It was in Tucson, AZ that I took a video class at my High School and immediately knew my calling. That same year my hair started to gray. I like to think it was a coincidence.  After film school in SF, I paid the bills as a motion graphics artist and editor —  freelancing for some of the top agencies in the Bay Area. It was there that I got a taste of advertising and stepped out of the edit suite and into the director’s chair. My technical background helped me quickly build a portfolio of work that people have described as being witty, design-driven, and multifaceted. My mom describes it as “fun”.  Now, with more than 15 years of experience, I have a full-head of gray hair under my beanie and hundreds of commercials under my belt. 

If you need something directed, I would love to hear from you.  If you need a doctor, please hang up and dial 9-1-1.